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About Us

Julius Webb is the executive director of Family Community Housing Association, Inc. (FCHA), a 501(c)(3) community development corporation (CDC). We endeavor to educate and assist as many low-to-moderate income individuals and families as possible in our under-served and communities with home ownership opportunities.

By working collectively with HUD-certified counseling agencies and bank servicers, FCHA aim is to help increase home ownership opportunities to first-time home buyers and to empower current homeowners to maintain their homes by providing direct access to an array of experts in the housing industry.

MISSION:​ Our mission is to provide safe, decent and affordable housing through home buying education, foreclosure prevention, down payment and closing cost assistance, while revitalizing and stabilizing the neighborhoods and communities in which we serve.

FCHA goals include the following:

  • Provide affordable housing through education and development efforts;
  • Identify various down payment assistance (DPA) programs in communities we serve such as the FCHA AHP, DCA, NSP, FHLB of Atlanta and other DPA programs. Often these DPA programs can be combined to help lower principle and monthly mortgage payments;​
  • Promote quality and affordable loan products and services;
  • Increase our partnerships with bank portfolio loan programs;
  • Support equal housing opportunity rights.

COMMITMENT:​ "Making Home ownership Possible Initiative" The Making Home ownership Possible Initiative started in 2005. Since then we have assisted hundreds of individuals and families along the path of home ownership. FCHA is experience in the following housing development services:

  • Home Buyer Education;
  • Pre & Post Purchase Counseling;
  • Foreclosure Prevention Workshops;
  • Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance;
  • Housing Rehabilitation and;
  • Neighborhood and Community Stabilization.

​FCHA understand the value and importance of home ownership. Home ownership give homeowners a stake in their community and provides financial stability when neighborhoods and communities thrive. Our objectives are the following:

  • Prevent Foreclosures
  • Increase safe, decent and affordable housing, while supporting neighborhood stabilization development efforts;
  • Educate potential homeowners in becoming loan product savvy through bank partnerships;
  • Preparing clients for mortgage readiness; and educating in managing finances.

Our Home Buyer Education and Foreclosure Prevention assistance strive to increase home ownership and sustainability.​

Board of Directors

Ronald Richards, Chairperson
Malcolm Floyd, Vice-Chairperson
Authur Weddington, Interim Treasurer 
Judy L. Webb, Secretary
Julius Webb, Executive Director